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Discontinued Quanta Elite Basic Lighting Control Panels


Quanta Basic lighting control panels provide the ultimate in flexibility for applications where time-scheduled processor-based lighting control functions are not required. With flexible factory or field programmability and a multitude of interfacing options, Quanta Basic lighting control panels provide an economical yet powerful lighting control solution.

  • Flexible factory or field programmability
  • Completely programmable Input to Output mapping
  • 8 to 48 Inputs and Outputs (8,16,24,32, 40 & 48 standard)
  • True relay status with Pilot Light and Override push-buttons
  • Instant On / Off or Relay Output Sequencing
  • Programmable Blink prior to Off function
  • UL listed (508 and 916), FCC approval for commercial and residential use
Lighting Applications and CAD

Relay Functions

  • 8 to 48 individual 20 amp latching relay outputs
  • Each relay may be configured for ON only, OFF only or ON/OFF control
  • Each Relay provided with manual override for ON/OFF override control
  • True relay status with LED pilot light
  • Pulsed or latching low-voltage control for control of external devices such as contactors or other control systems

Switch Types

  • 8 to 48 dry contact switches
  • Each input may be programmed to accept either Momentary or Maintained switch types

Blink Alert

  • Prior to an OFF event, lighting loads programmed for a Blink Alert will be momentarily turned OFF then back ON to alert occupants. To override the OFF function, the user simply activates a local switch.



  • QuantaBasic lighting control panels provided with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy mounting to unistrut framing or directly to wall
  • Hinged Locking Door


  • 120 or 277 VAC power supply options
  • Relays or contactors available for virtually any voltage

Operating Environment:

  • Location Interior space
  • Operating 0º to 50º C (32º to 112º F) Temperature
  • Relative 10% to 90% Non-condensing Humidity


  • UL (508 and 916)
  • FCC approval for commercial and residential use


  • 1 to 48 relays or contactors


  • QuantaBasic enclosures may be fitted with a wide variety of optional devices


  • Factory or field configuration