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LightMaster Pro Windows-based lighting control software offers the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use. Through the use of graphical control forms and simple point and click command the system user can quickly and easily program LightMaster lighting controllers for any required application. Simply connect a RS232 cable between your PC and a LightMaster controller and that´s it! You´re ready to program, control, monitor or get the status of any switch input or relay output anywhere in the control system. LightMaster Pro´s built in modem communications capabilities means you can connect to a controller equipped with a modem via a standard telephone line for off site programming, control, monitoring and status. You can even make programming changes while not connected to any controllers at all and then simply download your preprogrammed setting to your controllers at any time you desire. LightMaster Pro software makes an excellent addition to any LightMaster lighting control system.

Resources and Tools

LightMaster Pro Stand Alone Software:

  • Graphical forms and controls

  • Simple Point and Click commands
  • Programming, control, monitoring and status
  • Simple RS232 or Modem Communications
  • Upload /download operating parameters between the controllers and your personal computer (PC).
  • Provides a means to back up lighting control settings to a PC

LightMaster Pro Standard Network adds:

  • Downloads to multiple controllers at once

  • Built-in LAN programming and control for up to 32 LightMaster controllers
  • Program LightSync devices on network

LightMaster Pro Extended Network adds:

  • Network Manager programs up to to 128 LightMaster panels

  • Programs up to 254 LightSync devices per network



  • Program, Edit or Review

  • Switch Input to Relay Output mappings
  • Switch Input properties
  • Relay output properties
  • Time scheduled events (Timers)
  • Work Online (connected to a controller or network) or Offline (not connected)