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LightLEEDer Wireless Touchpad Interface allows control anywhere you have a wireless connection. This interface is Pre-loaded with Windows-based graphical software that allows monitoring and control of relays using icons on customor standard screens. With a simple push on the touchpad screen you can control relays, groups, presets, dimming outputs or navigate to different screens. Control can be easily modified, adding or removing load control from buttons properties. Screens are simple bitmap pictures that can depict your facility´s layout, created from architectural AutoCAD drawings, or standard screen layouts. Icons representing loads can be selected from an extensive library and display real-time status of the load. Navigation icons can be programmed to provide movement from one screen to another.

  • Mobile touch screen interface
  • Wireless connectivity for lighting control system
  • Real-time load monitoring and control
  • Connect via 802.11 b/g/n wireless protocol
  • Limitless number of screens and control objects
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Lighting Applications and CAD


General Information:

  • Touch control screen

  • Connect via 802.11 b/g/n wireless protocol
  • Windows7 based operating system for high performance

Capabilities and Controls:

  • Custom building layout or standard screens

  • Graphic screens can consist of any bitmap picture in virtually limitless numbers
  • Control icons are limitless per screen and can be chosen from an extensive library
  • Load icon properties can easily be modified to include or exclude loads
  • With a simple touch of the screen you can control relays, groups, or presets
  • Dim 0-10V ballast from a slider or icon
  • Control shade louvers with a touch of an icon