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LightMaster-4 (LM4) Lighting Control Panel

ILC´s smallest LightMaster Lighting Controller, the LM-4, is a compact and powerful lighting control panel designed for distributed mount applications. This panel will easily integrate into the LightMaster Standard or Expanded Network application. Every LM-4 Lighting Controller is equipped with standard CAT-5 RJ-45 connectors to integrate easily with ILC´s data line. The LM-4 also features an additional CAT-5, RJ-45 connector for local switches, photocells and other LightSync devices.

  • 1-4 Relay Outputs
  • 365-day programmable Lighting Control Panel
  • Daylight Savings Time adjustment and Astro Clock standard
  • 48 programmable relay groups, presets, timers
  • RJ45 connectors for CAT-5 data line cable
  • ILC LightSync™ switch and accessory ready
  • True relay status with Pilot Light and ON/OFF push buttons
  • Equipped for Standalone or ILC Network use
  • Processor Power LED and ON-OFF Switch
  • Optional Add-on Modules available including 0-10V control
  • TCP/IP port option to connect and program via a LAN or WAN

Optional Programming Devices

  • Handheld keypad with LCD display
  • LightMaster Pro Windows software

ILC LightSync Device Ready

  • Utilizes standard CAT-5 RJ-45 cabling
  • See LightSync section for other data line devices

LightSync Network Capable

  • LightSync Standard Network supports up to 32 LightMaster panels
  • LightSync Extended Network supports up to 128 LightMaster panels

Relay Groups

  • Relays may be assigned to any of 48 available groups
  • Relay groups may be assigned to multiple Timers, Switch Inputs, and other panel functions

Relay Presets

  • Relays may be programmed to any of 48 presets available
  • Presets may be controlled by Switch Inputs and Timers

Open/Close Times

  • Lighting Control Schedules may adjust based on business (retail) Open/Close hours for easy adjustment when operating hours fluctuate
  • Seven standard Open/Close times and 365 custom daily Open/Close times available
  • Scheduled event may be programmed to occur before, after or at Open/Close times

Relay Functions

  • Each relay may be programmed for ON only, OFF only or ON/OFF control
  • Pulsed output for control of external devices such as lighting contactors or other systems
  • HID multilevel control (specialized output control for multilevel HID ballasts including warm-up sequence)

Switch Types

  • The LightMaster may be programmed to accept virtually any type of switch input, momentary or maintained

Switch Input to Relay Output Mapping

  • LightSync switch to relay settings are completely soft, requiring no field rewiring when changes are required
  • Any LightSync switch control any combination of relays, groups or presets locally and across the network

Automatic Power-Up Settings

  • Relays may be programmed to automatically turn to ON, OFF or remaining in the state they were in prior to the outage

After Hours Sweeps

  • Individual relay or groups of relays may be programmed to be swept OFF during non-operational hours
  • After hours OFF Sweeps can be set to occur based on time window

Astronomical Clock

  • Automatic calculation of Sunrise and Sunset based on date and geographic position
  • Scheduled events may be programmed to occur before, after or on an astro event

Blink Alert

  • Prior to a scheduled OFF event, lighting loads programmed for a Blink Alert will be momentarily turned OFF then back ON to alert occupants. To avoid the pending off sweep, the user simply turns their local switch OFF and then back ON again during the adjustable period (default is 5 min.) prior to the OFF sweep



  • LightMaster lighting controllers are provided with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy mounting to unistrut framing or directly to wall
  • 12¨ x 10¨ x 4¨ NEMA-1 enclosure


  • 120 or 277 VAC power supply ready
  • Relays or available for several voltages

Operating Environment:

  • Location: Interior space
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C
  • Relative Humidity: 10% - 90% Non-condensing


  • UL, CUL
  • FCC approval for commercial use
  • California Title 24


  • 1 to 4 relays


  • 10-year minimum NVRAM memory retention in absence of power
  • Minimum 45 day clock retention


  • LightMaster LM4 enclosures may be fitted with a wide variety of optional devices such as a modem, DMX 512, N2, MODBUS, BACnet LonWorks, and Flush Mount Panel Cover