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LightLEEDer InSite Software

Model: LLInSite-SN, LLInSite-MN

LightLEEDer InSite software provides a Windows-based graphical interface that allows monitoring and control of LightLEEDer panels using icons on custom or standard graphical screens. With a simple click of the mouse, or a push on a touchscreen you can control relays, groups, presets, scenes, dimming outputs, or navigate between screens. Screens are simple bitmap pictures that can depict your facility's floorplan layout or simple color backgrounds. Select from a library of load icons for direct status and control; or select control and navigation buttons with options for customizing. InSite provides extensive timer scheduling and sequencing options.  It also supports multiple interfaces, and is equipped with user/password protection that contains 5 levels of user access. InSite Software allows control of 1 to 16 LightLEEDer panel networks, works seamlessly with LightLEEDer Pro panel software, and maintains full time connectivity monitoring with e-mail notification.


LightLEEDer InSite Software


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 Pro – 64 bit
  • i5 Quad-Core 2.4GHz
  • 16GB ram
  • TCP/IP 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Universal Serial port

Connection Options:

  • USB 2.0
  • TCP/IP 10/100
  • Web access via virtual server

User Manuals

LightLEEDer Insite User Manual

Technical Bulletins

LightLEEDer Insite Software Active Data Drive Transfer (TB1415)

  • Graphic screens backgrounds can consist of any bitmap image in virtually limitless numbers
  • Control icons are unlimited per screen and can be chosen from an extensive library or Custom Control Icons can be created and saved as bitmap images
  • Control Icons can be edited at any time to include exclude relays, LL groups, presets or dimmer scenes
  • Supports 5 levels of user security passwords
  • Extensive calendar-based scheduling for up to 400 programmable schedules to automatically control relays, groups, scenes, presets or trigger a sequence
  • Supports 5 levels of user security passwords
  • Supports multiple computers controlling the same system (1 Main computer, multiple remote computers)
  • Multiple Network operation for up to 32 LightLEEDer network controllers linked as one system
  • Supports web access via virtual computer
  • Automatic Link to LightLEEDer Pro software for programming of panel level operations