LSPSR4 LightSync Power Supply Repeater 4 LSPSR4 LightSync Power Supply Repeater 4

LightSync Power Supply Repeater 4

Model: LSPSR4

The LightSync Digital Power Supply Repeater 4 (LSPSR4) is a remote mounted power supply and data repeater. The PSR4 adds power for LightSync devices and refreshes both LS and  LL data communications and is ideal for network distribution. The LSPSR4 has one input and two branch outputs with 2 ports for going up to 4 directions. The power supply supports  an additional 20 LS devices and the repeaters refresh data for up to 31 more LL/LS device per branch.


LightSync Power Supply Repeater 4

Wiring Diagrams

LightSync Power Supply Repeater 4 (WD0616)

Installation Guides

LightSync Power Supply Repeater 4 (ID0632)



  • Remote mounted enclosure 3.10" x  3.5" x 1.87"  
  • Mount to junction box with 1/2" nipple 
  • 6" power leads 
  • Polycarbonate plastic enclosure 


  • 120/277 VAC power supply 
  • 0.45 Amps at 120 VAC  
  • 1 Amp 15VDC output for LS devices 


  • Powers up to 20 additional CAT-5 LS devices at a cumulative distance of 3000 feet across the two branch pairs of outputs combined 
  • Two data repeaters provide additional 3000 feet end to end per branch pair 
  • Refer to ILC Technical Bulletin # TB1408 for details on calculating CAT-5 cable run distance 

Operating Environment: 

  • Location: Interior space 
  • Operating Temp.: 0° to 50° C  
  • Humidity: 10% - 90% Non-condensing  
  • Atmosphere: Non-explosive/corrosive  
  • Vibration: Stationary 

Certifications and Approvals: 

  • UL CUL  
  • Plenum rated UL 2043 
  • FCC Part 15

Product Details

LightSync Power Supply Repeater 4 (PD0636)

  • Made in the USA 
  • Digital CAT-5 Ready 
  • 4 Output ports for adding power and repeating data 
  • 1/2" Mounting nipple for easy junction box installation 
  • Extends network data length by 3000 feet combined distance end to end for each of the 2 branch output pairs 
  • Additional power for up to 20  CAT-5 LS devices for the 2 branch output runs combined at a cumulative distance of 3000 feet total