ILC: Designed for Healthcare

ILC’s LightLEEDer line of panel and distributed lighting controls are a cost-effective solution for both small and large healthcare facilities. From standalone zones to fully networked campuses, ILC’s healthcare-focused product line fits the bill. Features like pillow switch integration, red and white customizable digital switches, and complex life-safety and critical load management solutions set ILC apart from the competition:

LLEVO-INT LightLEEDer EVO Integrated LLEVO-INT LightLEEDer EVO Integrated

LightLEEDer EVO Integrated-8 Relay Panel

  • Manages normal and critical power across as many as eight relays.
  • Seamless pillow switch integration allows for easy-to-use single-button lighting for cycling through 16 customizable scenes in addition to controlling lights and dimming.
  • Basic out-of-the-box functionality helps meet "lights on" deadlines and simplify coordination between trades.
  • As a LightLEEDer device the INT-8 can operate with or without a network, providing design flexibility and operational resiliency. Use the same components for networked and non-networked areas.
Red and white G3 digital switches Red and white G3 digital switches

Combine any LightLEEDer Panel or EVO controller with our LightSync Digital G3 switch station. It’s modern, versatile, and easy to use. LightSync Digital G3 is:

  • Digital LightSync CAT-5/6 device.
  • Available in 6 colors including black and red. Standard costs and lead times apply; no special order required.
  • Custom button combinations and engravings available. All G3s are field-reconfigurable, and with individually replaceable buttons and easy-to-install Color Change Kits, provide flexibility into the future.
  • Offers choice of 1-6 zones of dimming, 1-5 scenes, or 7 zones of “non-dim.”
  • ILC's unique scene-MZD switches, combines individual zone control, preset scenes, and scene capture all in a single-gang switch.

Life-Safety & Critical Control

LightLEEDer Remote 20Amp Dimming Relay with Emergency Bypass LightLEEDer Remote 20Amp Dimming Relay with Emergency Bypass

Combines the functionality of a standard R20D dimming relay and UL 924 bypass device into a single, low-cost, easy-to-wire life-safety solution.


The flagship LightLEEDer EVO product, maximizes flexibility in distributed design using remotely-mounted R20D and R20D-EM relays. Manage normal, critical, and life-safety loads with a single controller.


The EVO-INT-2 can manage two independently fed loads in one device, making it the perfect choice for small rooms requiring normal and critical circuits.

Hear how we’ve helped other healthcare facilities cut costs and save energy with an easy-to-use lighting system.