LightLEEDer Factory Supplied ComputerLightLEEDer Factory Supplied Computer

LightLEEDer Factory Supplied Computer

ILC Factory supplied computers provide a reliable high-quality interface for your lighting control applications. Enhance your lighting control experience with programming, graphical control, or runtime monitoring software. Every computer supplied by ILC has been configured and tested with the lighting controller pre-loaded software. These computers are custom built to your requirements which may include touch screens, UPS backups, printers, switches, and other accessories.

  • Made in the USA
  • Factory supplied desktop or laptop computers
  • Technical support provided from ILC
  • Compatibility tested with ILC’s software
  • Quality hardware for reliability and endurance
  • Software is pre-installed and tested
  • Configured for top performance
  • Communicate using USB, RS232, modem, or TCP/IP
  • Touch Screen available