LightLEEDer InSite-LL

LightLEEDer InSite-LL

LightLEEDer InSite software provides Windows-based graphi- cal software that allows monitoring and control of relays using icons on custom or standard screens. With a simple click of the mouse, or a push on a touch-screen you can control relays, groups, presets, dimming outputs or navigate to different screens. Screens are simple bitmap pictures that can depict your facility's layout, created from architectural AutoCAD drawings, or standard screen layouts. Icons representing loads can be selected from an extensive library and display real-time status of the load. Navigation icons can be programmed to provide movement from one screen to another.


Programming Capabilities:

  • Graphic screens can consist of any bitmap picture in virtually limitless numbers
  • Control icons are unlimited per screen and can be chosen from an extensive library
  • Icons can be edited at any time to include or exclude relays

Graphical Control and Status:

  • Simply point and click on an icon to control relays, groups, or presets
  • Control 0-10V devices from a slider or icon
  • Control DMX512 devices directly from the screen
  • Control louvers with a click of an icon
  • View real-time status of relays, groups, or presets

Scheduling and Sequencing:

  • Use the calendar-based scheduling system to automatically control relays, relay groups, or presets
  • Up to 16 lighting sequences can be set to turn lights on/off at timed intervals for an event

Suggested Minimum System Requirements:

  • PC or laptop
  • 1.66 Ghz single core
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • USB 2.0
  • 1G RAM
  • SVGA monitor 1024 x 768 • 10/100 Ethernet adapter

Connection Options:

  • USB 2.0
  • TCP/IP 10/100


LightLEEDer InSite-LL

User Manuals

LightLEEDer Insite User Manual