LightLEEDer UL924 Phase Monitor Module

LightLEEDer UL924 Phase Monitor Module

Model: PMM

The UL924 Phase Monitor Module (PMM) is used in conjunction with the UL924 Relay Bypass Output Module, and controls the bypass operation if any of the monitored normal electrical phases loses power. It can be configured to monitor 2 or 3 phases. This module mounts in place of 2 R40 relays in the LightLEEDer panel. A test switch is provided to test this board, along with the UL924 Relay Bypass Output Modules in the panel. Auxiliary NO and NC dry contact outputs provided for signaling other devices and systems.



  • 4.5" wide X 2.0" high
  • Push-on connectors for power transformer
  • Screw type power phase inputs
  • Push-to-connect auxiliary signal connectors
  • Phase selection jumpers
  • LED phase status indicators
  • Test switch


  • 120/277VAC

Operating Environment:

  • Location: Interior space
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C
  • Humidity: 10% - 90% Non-condensing
  • Atmosphere: Non-explosive/corrosive
  • Vibration: Stationary

Certifications and Approvals:

  • UL 924 -Pending


LightLEEDer Emergency UL 924 Phase Monitor Module

Technical Bulletins

UL 924 Lighting Control With 0-10V Dimming (TB0017)

  • Made in the USA
  • Digital CAT-5 Ready
  • Monitors 2 or 3 phases for loss of power
  • Controls UL924 Relay Bypass Output Modules
  • Test switch and LED status indicators
  • Optically isolated power inputs
  • Mounts in place of 2 relays in the panel
  • Barriers provided for high voltage
  • Dry contact NC/NO outputs provided for signaling other systems of a power loss