Occupancy Sensor Power Pack

Model: ILC-SWX-900-AX-2, ILC-SWX-999

Intelligent Lighting Controls partial-on power packs switch on/off power to the connected lighting load at the 50% bright level when signaled by an occupancy sensor. The unit will then raise lighting to the 100% level when its switch input is triggered. Lighting will turn off if another switch press is detected or when all connected sensors go to their unoccupied state. Additionally, the packs transform incoming line voltage power to Class 2 low voltage as needed by sensor(s) or low voltage switches.



  • Operating Voltage:  120/277 VAC
  • Class 2 Output Ratings:  18 VDC, 150 mA
  • Relay Current Reqs:  55 mA
  • Load Ratings:  20A @ 120 V - General Purpose Plug Load, 20A @ 120/277 VAC - General Purpose, Tungsten, Magnetic Ballast, 16A @ 120/277 VAC - Electronic Ballast, LED Driver
  • DC Load Ratings:  20A @ 28 VDC (MAX), 1A @ 5 VDC (MIN)
  • Dimming Load:  (Models with -D2 option only) 50mA, (0-10 VDC ballasts or drivers compliant with IEC 60929 Annex E.2)
  • Motor Load:  1 HP


  • Operating Temp:  -10°F to 122°F (14°C to 50°C)
  • Relative Humidity:  0-95% Non-Condensing, Indoor Use Only
  • ROHS Compliant


  • Size:  3.00” H x 2.25” W x 1.88” D (7.62 cm x 5.72 cm x 4.78 cm)
  • Weight:  6.00 oz.
  • Color:  Blue
  • Mounting:  1/2” Knockout
  • Relay test button
  • LED Status Indicator:  Bi-color white & blue
  • Powers Low Voltage Sensors
  • Switches Line Voltage Loads
  • Electronically Timed Switching Ensures Long Relay Life
  • Integrated Test/Programming Button
  • Optional Snap-On Attachment Provides Chamber for Low Voltage Wire Connections
  • Switch Input for Partial On, Manual On, Hold On, or Hold Off Operations
  • 0-10V Stepped Dimming Ouput for Partial On Operation
  • Plenum Rated (UL 2043)