ILC-SWX-2 Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor ILC-SWX-2 Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor

Wireless Ceiling Mount Daylight Harvesting Photocell

Model: ILC-SWX-250-B

The Intelligent Lighting Controls wireless daylight harvesting photocell is a simple, yet reliable battery powered control solution. Preferred by contractors for their flexible mounting methods, ILC wireless photocells greatly reduce total installation time and wireless pairing fuss. Requiring just a few seconds per device, ILC wireless photocells can be linked to one or more wireless load controllers (such as the ILC-SWX-851 wireless wall switch, or a ILC-SWX-950 series wireless power pack). Additionally, these units provide an auto-setpoint selection mode that assists with choosing the controlled light level for a space.


Wireless Ceiling Mount Daylight Harvesting Photocell



  • BATTERY TYPE:  Requires one CR123(A) Lithium Battery
  • BATTERY LIFE:  Designed for 10 Year Life (under default settings).  Non-Volatile Memory (saves all settings regardless of battery state).   Blink Warning @10% Life.
  • RANGE:  80’ line of site w/o obstruction (walls), 40’ with obstruction (walls/floors)
  • FREQUENCY:  915 MHz ISM Band
  • WIRELESS LINKING:  Simple 3 sec. Push Button Process
  • SECURITY:  All Wireless Data is Encrypted


  • OPERATING TEMP:  32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • RELATIVE HUMIDITY:  0-95% Non-Condensing, Indoor Use Only


  • SIZE:  4.00” Diameter x 1.25” H (10.16 x 3.17 cm)
  • WEIGHT:  4.75 oz
  • COLOR:  White
  • LED INDICATION:  Wireless Linking (Pairing)


  • OPERATING MODES:  Daylight Harvesting, On/Off Photocell Control, Modes Configured in Linked Controller
  • COMPATIBLE LOAD CONTROLLERS:  ILC-SWX-851 Wall Switch, ILC-SWX-950 Series Power Packs
  • WIRELESS TEST MODE:  Button Toggles On/Off, Wirelessly Linked Loads
  • SET-POINT CONFIGURATION:  Auto-Setpoint Mode or Selection from Linked Controller


  • These sensors can be used to meet ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, & Title 24 energy code requirements.
  • Links in Seconds with Wireless Controllers
  • Auto-Setpoint Selection Mode
  • Daylight Harvesting and/or On/Off Photocell Control
  • Multi-zone Configuration Ability
  • 10 Year Battery Life Design
  • Compact Size and Matte Finish
  • Four Contractor Friendly Mounting Methods
  • Mounting Nipple Attachment with Integrated Hole Saw