ILC-SWX-100-1 Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor Low Voltage ILC-SWX-100-1 Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor Low Voltage

Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor Low Voltage

Model: ILC-SWX-100-1

The Intelligent Lighting Controls family of wall switch occupancy/vacancy sensors provides a simple and cost effective lighting control solution for many applications. Just like its line voltage counterpart, the low voltage ILC wall switch sensor is designed with contractors in mind. Less than 1” deep, the unit is 25-40% shallower than typical dimmers and sensors, resulting in less crowed wall boxes. ILC products utilize the latest passive infrared technology and digital signal processing techniques to provide unmatched motion detection performance. These units are also available with an integrated microphone to provide overlapping passive acoustic occupancy detection for rooms with obstructions or where occupant motion is limited.


Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor Low Voltage

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Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor Low Voltage



  • Operating voltage: 12-24 VAC/VD
  • Current draw:  4mA (PIR model), 16mA (Dual Tech. models), 18 mA (Dual Tech. w/ Photocell units)
  • Output:  Logic High VDC (Occupied Mode)
  • Recommended power packs:  ILC-SWX-900 (for Stand Alone apps.), ILC-SWX-900-AX (for Multi-Way apps.)


  • Operating temp:  32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Relative humidity:  0-95% non-condensing, indoor use only


  • Size: 2.74" H x 1.68" W x 1.39" D (6.96 x 4.27 x 3.53 cm), not including mounting strap
  • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Mounting: Single gang switch box

Physical Features:

  • Enclosure is 25-40% shallower than other sensors
  • Unique Bat-Wing shaped lens provides enhance peripheral detection
  • Modern look and intuitive east-tap buttons for On/Off, Raise & Lower
  • Rugged vandal resistant lens
  • Settings are adjustable without removing cover plate

Operational Features:

  • Wall-to-wall passive infrared small motion detection
  • Passive acoustic detection (optional) - prevents false offs when no motion is present
  • 100% passive detection methods - no interference potential from external devices
  • Configurable sensor settings including time delays and occupancy/vacancy operating modes
  • Blue locator LED when lights are off
  • Optional wiring connections for multi-way or multi-sensor applications