LLInSite-BACIP LightLEEDer InSite BACnet-IP Interface LLInSite-BACIP LightLEEDer InSite BACnet-IP Interface

LightLEEDer InSite BACnet-IP Interface

Model: LLInSite-BACIP

The LightLEEDer InSite BACnet-IP Interface provides  
status and control of up to 750 InSite software configured 
Groups. This interface is placed on the InSite LAN network  
communications from the InSite software computer to a  
building automation system. 


LightLEEDer InSite BACnet-IP Interface

Wiring Diagrams

LLInSite BACnet-IP Wiring Details (WD1006)



  • Dimensions: 5.09” Wide X 2.25” High x 5..20" Deep 
  • ABS 94 HB black material 
  • RJ45 ports for Ethernet based TCP-IP and BACnet-IP communications  
  • 5VDC standard power plug
  • LED Status visible through front cover for  BACnet TX/RX, TCP-IP TX/RX and Power  

•  Powered from included 120/5VDC wall power supply 

Operating Environment: 

  • Location: Interior space 
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C 
  • Humidity: 10% - 90% Non-condensing 
  • Atmosphere: Non-explosive/corrosive 
  • Vibration: Stationary

Technical Bulletins

LLInSite BACnet-IP Point Mapping Schedule (TB1022)

LLInSite BACnet-IP Interface Configurations and Setup (TB1420)

Product Details

LLInSite BACnet-IP Product Details (PD1022)

  • Made in the USA 
  • BACnet-IP communications for InSite software groups 
  • 750 InSite Groups supported 
  • Status and Control over BACnet-IP 
  • Compatable with ILC LightLEEDer InSite software 
  • Pre-configured CSV file format for field editing of InSite group names to BACnet