LLRJ-45T LightLEEDer RJ-45 Terminal LLRJ-45T LightLEEDer RJ-45 Terminal

LightLEEDer RJ-45 Terminal

Model: LLRJ-45T

The LightLEEDer RJ-45 Terminal adapter can be used with the LightLEEDer EVO-INT-2, -4, -8 panels for termination to a hardwire photo sensor or occupancy sensor. The Installer can run a CAT-5 cable for the photo sensor or occupancy sensors at the same time as they run CAT-5 for the LSG3 switches to save time and expense. Then place the LLRJ-45T at the  end of each sensor run for easy termination.


LightLEEDer RJ-45 Terminal

Wiring Diagrams

LightLEEDer EVO Integrated Photo Sensor Wiring Details (WD0007)



  • 1.40" Long x 1.00" Wide x 0.80" Tall 
  • RJ-45 female connector 
  • 8 Terminal Push to terminate connector with push button release 
  • No soldering or crimping required 
  • Molded solid construction 
  • 22 to 16AWG stranded wire supported 
  • CAT-5 cable RJ-45 terminator 
  • Push to connect terminal with release button 
  • Low profile size 
  • Plug and Play operation