The LightLEEDer-EVO is a distributed lighting control panel that simplifies installation. The LL-EVO can be expanded from the local port using a LL-EVO-RC, LL-EVO-4X, and/or LL-EVO-8X. This panel operates the R20 style relays that connect using a standard CAT-5 cable. The remote mounted R20 relay is suitable for lighting or plug-load use. The LL-EVO has 16  pre-programmed lighting applications, push to connect terminals with color coded labels, internal time clock, and galvanically isolated 0-10V dimming. The LL-EVO can operate as a stand-alone panel or networked, reverting to stand-alone automatically if the network is interrupted. When installing, simply set the panel for a lighting application and it is up and running. This allows the installer to confirm wiring and fixture performance from the start saving time and start-up expense. Each of the 16 application programs can still be modified or customized using the standard ILC software. The remote mounted R20D relay has both line voltage and the 0-10V dimming control wire leads for easy wiring.



  • Power surge and spike suppression up to 123 volts on the 20VAC power input to controller
  • Memory retention for firmware and programming up to 200 years and electrostatic discharge to 4kv
  • Real time clock retention 45 days or greater without power
  • Galvanically isolation to 1500V for the 0-10VDC dimmer outputs, with revert to 100% on power loss


  • Enclosure: 9-3/4”x 6”x 3” NEMA 1
  • Galvanized steel enclosure and screw cover
  • Provided with pre-drilled mounting holes
  • High voltage barrier separates Class 2 wiring
  • ½” nipple for mounting to electrical box
  • 6” wire leads for high voltage connections
  • Push to connect low voltage terminals
  • Color coded labels for easy terminal identification
  • RJ45 connectors provide for easy connection
  • Enclosure, suitable for plenum mounting

Integrated Interfaces:

  • 4 inputs for hardwire switches or occupancy sensors
  • Photocell controller for 2 sensor heads or zones
  • RJ-45 port for up to 61 ILC CAT-5 devices
  • 4 RJ-45 ports for R20 remote relays


  • 120/277VAC @.6 amps (120/347VAC Optional)
  • Input: 24 VDC (See below for details)
  • Dimming: 100mA sink

Powered Devices/Distance/Input Power Draw:

  • 4 CAT-5 devices, 400' accumulative feet, 200mA occupancy sensor power
  • 5 CAT-5 devices, 500' accumulative feet, 160mA occupancy sensor power
  • 6 CAT-5 devices, 600' accumulative feet, 120mA occupancy sensor power
  • 7 CAT-5 devices, 700' accumulative feet, 90mA occupancy sensor power 8 CAT-5 devices, 800' accumulative feet, 60mA occupancy sensor power.  Additional LightSync devices can be supported by adding a PSR.

Operating Environment:

  • Location: Interior space
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C
  • Humidity: 10% - 90% Non-condensing
  • Atmosphere: Non-explosive/corrosive
  • Vibration: Stationary

Certifications and Approvals:

  • UL and CUL listed
  • FCC Part 15
  • Title 24
  • ASHRAE compliant
  • IECC compliant




LightLEEDer-EVO Distributed Lighting Controller Cut Sheet

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LightLEEDer Specification Word Document

Product Details

LightLEEDer-EVO (PD0019)


Intelligent Lighting Controls Catalog

LightLEEDer-EVO Brochure

Intelligent Lighting Controls vs nLight

  • Made in the USA
  • Digital CAT-5 Ready
  • Distributed lighting controller
  • Outputs for up to 4 R20 relays
  • Plug-load compatible
  • Remote mounted relay for direct connection to loads
  • Galvanically Isolated 0-10 dimming for 4 zones
  • Status LED and Override buttons for remote relay control
  • Standalone or networked with any LightLEEDer controller
  • Time clock includes 7/365- day calendar, Daylight Savings Time, Astronomic, Open/Close
  • 200mA power provided for occupancy or vacancy sensors inputs
  • RJ45 connectors for networking, CAT-5 devices, and R20 relays
  • Enclosure, suitable for plenum mounting