ILC-SWX-5 Line Voltage Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensors ILC-SWX-5 Line Voltage Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensors

Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor Line Voltage

Model: ILC-SWX-501, ILC-SWX-511

The Intelligent Lighting Controls fixture mount occupancy sensor series is an excellent solution for high bay and industrial lighting control. With its universal lens that provides excellent range and density, this sensor removes the need to classify an application as low bay, high bay, or aisleway. Additionally, integrated tabs on its chase nipple reduces installation time and fuss by firmly attaching to a fixture via a standard knockout. ILC products utilize the latest passive infrared technology and digital signal processing techniques to provide unmatched detection performance.


Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor Line Voltage

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Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor Line Voltage



  • Operating voltage: MVOLT (120-277 VAC)
  • Load ratings: 800W @ 120 VAC, 1000W @ 208 VAC (2-Phase), 1200W @ 277 VAC
  • Load types: Tungsten, Ballast, LED


  • Operating temp: -10° to 122°F (14° to 50°C)
  • Relative humidity: 0-95% Non-Condensing, Indoor Use Only


  • Size: 4.00” Diameter x 3.00” H (10.16 x 7.62 cm)
  • Weight: 5.00 oz
  • Color: White


  • Meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1 & CEC Title 24 Requirements
  • Universal Lens Works for High Bay, Low Bay, & Aisleway Applications
  • Greater Detection Range & Density than Leading Highbay 360° & Aisleway sensors
  • Digital Passive Infrared (PIR) Detection
  • Optional Dimming Output Enables Configurable High/Low/Off Operational Modes
  • Snap-In Chase Nipple Makes Installation Quick
  • Integrated Bracket Drops Sensor Below Bottom of Fixture
  • Electronically Timed Switching Designed for LED Fixture Control
  • Convenient Test Mode and Adjustable Time Delays