LightLEEDer Remote 20Amp Dimming Relay with Emergency Bypass LightLEEDer Remote 20Amp Dimming Relay with Emergency Bypass

LightLEEDer Remote 20 Dimming Relay with Emergency Bypass

Model: R20D-EM

The ILC Remote 20 Amp, Emergency Bypass Relay combines normal relay operation with a UL 924 bypass relay in one convenient package. Relays are available in both a wired (R20D-EM) and wireless (WR20D-EM) version that uses the 915 MHz radio frequency for communication to ILC wireless devices. When normal power is lost the EM relay will automatically force ON the  EM load and send dimming to 100%. When normal power is restored the device will return to normal control. The R20D-EM and WR20D-EM have a relay test  button, and a wired input that can be used for a remote test switch or as an override connection from a Fire alarm system. 


LightLEEDer Remote 20Amp Dimming Relay with Emergency Bypass

Wiring Diagrams

LightLEEDer R20D-EM and WR20D-EM (WD0201)

Installation Guides

LightLEEDer R20D-EM and WR20D-EM (ID0212)

LightLEEDer R20D-EM and WR20D-EM (Installation Instructions)



  • LED electronic load inrush rated  
  • 600VAC rated wire leads including 0-10V leads  
  • 4000V Isolation 0-10VDC dimming  


  • Dimensions 3.50” x 3.10” x 1.60” 
  • Polycarbonate plastic enclosure 
  • 6” wire leads for connections provided 
  • Color coded leads for easy wiring 
  • ½” nipple for mounting to electrical box 
  • Conduit nut provided 


  • 20Amps, 120/277 VAC tungsten  
  • 16Amps, 120/277 VAC electronic ballast, LED, CFL 
  • 1/4HP @ 120VAC motor load  
  • 100mA Sink 0-10V dimming loads combined 
  • SCCR: 5KA 

Wireless Control:    

  • 915Mhz radio transceiver  
  • 50 foot line of sight communication  
  • Direct-link to Wireless G3 switches and sensors  
  • Link to Wireless EVO controller for network control  

Wired Control:  

  • RJ-45 connector for control from any LLEVO panel  

Override Test Input:  

  • 10-28VAC/DC 5mA input current  
  • Test button on relay 

Operating Environment: 

  • Location: Interior space  
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C 
  • Humidity: 10% - 90% Non-condensing 
  • Atmosphere: Non-explosive/corrosive 
  • Vibration: Stationary 


  • UL CUL 916/924 
  • Plenum Rated UL 2043 
  • FCC Part 15

User Manuals

R20D-EM and WR20D-EM

Product Details

LightLEEDer R20D-EM and WR20D-EM (PD0213)

  • Made in the USA 
  • UL 924 rated 
  • EM Relay rated up to 20Amp @120/277VAC 
  • Normal Relay rated up to 20Amp @120/277VAC 
  • EM Load follow operation of normal load control 
  • Test button for local Test operation  
  • Override Input for remote Emergency test switch or fire alarm system override   
  • Plenum rated 
  • Direct mounting at power junction box or light fixture with 1/2” K.O.