LightSync Digital Conditional Input Module

LightSync Digital Conditional Input Module

The LightSync Digital Conditional Input Module is designed to accept up to 8 hardwired switch inputs. Each input can be programmed with conditionals related to inputs and pilots in
the module. You can setup “AND”/ “OR” logic schemes for each input that needs to be true to activate the switch input. This is very useful in certain situations where you want an input active only when certain conditions exist. Any input can be programmed to control any relay(s), group(s), or preset(s) in any or all panels. Each input has an associated pilot status LED that activates when the input is closed. Inputs have a time-of-day or open/close time of action which could disable the input or change the

relays controlled.


Remote Mounting Option:

  • Remote mount anywhere on the local LightSync network
  • Self powered from the network
  • RJ45 connectors provided for easy connection
  • Mounting plate available


  • Optically isolated inputs eliminate issues connecting systems together


  • 2.75” Wide 3.50” High
  • Easy non-screw push-to-connect terminals
  • Digital addressing switches
  • Status LED for each input


  • Powered from the panel or from the LightSync network

Operating Environment:

  • Location: Interior space
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C
  • Humidity: 10% - 90% Non-condensing
  • Atmosphere: Non-explosive/corrosive
  • Vibration: Stationary


LightSync Digital Conditional Input Module

Wiring Diagrams

LightSync Conditional Input Module (WD0607)

Installation Guides

LightSync Conditional Input Module (ID0623)

Software Downloads

LightSync Conditional Input Configuration Software

User Manuals

LightSync Conditional Input Software Manual

Product Details

LightSync Conditional Input Module (PD0621)

  • Made in the USA
  • Digital CAT-5 Ready
  • 8 conditional inputs per module
  • Conditional input module enhances current LightLEEDer conditionals
  • Installs directly onto the output board
  • Digitally addressable device for a unique address
  • Remote mounting option for LightSync Digital network
  • Connectors are an easy non-screw push-to-connect type 
  • Optically isolated inputs to protect the electronics
  • Accepts dry contact closures or open collector inputs
  • Optional module for 12 - 24 VDC signals
  • Accepts 2 wire momentary or maintained switch closures 
  • Switch closure LED status is provided for each input
  • Software logic programming